Aida Bicaj’s Institut de Beauté

Thursday / Feb 06 / 2014

Aida Bicaj in her Institut de Beauté's UES neighborhood, skincare, beauty, NYC, New York
Fig Aida Bicaj in her Institut de Beauté’s UES neighborhood

I first heard of the “word-of-mouth” anti-aging skin specialist  Aida Bicaj from Dr. Allouche. Trained at Biologique Recherche over twenty years ago, she is the first aesthetician to bring the micro-current machine from France to the US.

Her clients include celebrities and Fortune 400 CEOs, (yes, husbands come after their wives return home looking so good), actresses like Kyra Sedgwick, J. Crew president Jenna Lyons, and my own beautiful mother-in-law.

Aida Bicaj's Institut de Beauté, NYC, New York, UES, facialist, skincare, beauty
Fig Aida Bicaj’s Institut de Beauté

Aida’s signature sculpting and lifting treatment—please don’t use the word facial!—uses galvanic currents to tone facial muscles. The sponge applicator is soaked in a personalized cocktail of Biologique Recherche skin-care products. In her manual dermabrassion treatment, she manually grabs and holds facial muscles in a lifted position to stimulate blood circulation and give them muscle memory.

I recently had the opportunity to visit Aida’s Institut de Beauté, an intimate oasis, tucked away on the garden floor of an Upper East Side townhouse. After the treatment–and I looked younger, well-rested, and glowing–I asked Aida to share some of her wisdom.

Aida Bicaj at work, NYC, New York, UES, Biologique Recherche, Institut de Beauté, skincare, beauty
Fig Aida Bicaj at work

 Louise McCready Hart: What do you find the most common problem for women?

Aida Bicaj: Trying to find a single product to resolve all their skin problems.

LMH: I suppose we want even our beauty products to multitask! What mistakes do you find most women make with regards to their skincare or beauty regime?

AB: The mistake that most women make is mixing different brands of skin care products. They should stick with one product line at a time.

Aida Bicaj in her Institut de Beauté, NYC, New York, UES, beauty, skincare, Biologique Recherche
Fig Aida Bicaj in her Institut de Beauté

LMH: Guilty as charged! What are your favorite beauty or skincare beauty products?

AB: Bioloqique Recherche from Paris and Future from Israel are my favorite beauty product lines.

LMH: How often will clients’ faces stay toned and taut, on average after a session?

AB: Clients faces will stay toned and firm for ten days after the first session. It is recommended that a client starts with six sessions for six weeks, followed up by a session once every two weeks, one every three weeks and at least one every four weeks. It is vital that these treatments are done on a consistent basis because facial muscles have memory therefore the firmness and glow of the skin will last longer.

LMH: Is there anything else you would like to add?

AB: Yes, I would like to add that in my spa, a quick fix does not apply. Patience and commitment to the products and treatments is necessary for the best results on your skin. I am 100 percent confident that I will provide life-changing results on your skin.