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Tuesday / Apr 22 / 2014

Group of Jiva Apoha Bottles, skincare, beauty, facial oil
Fig Group of Jiva Apoha Bottles

Like fat in our diets, oil has gone from being shunned to being adored. Everyone now knows avocados and almonds are helpful for weight loss and hair oil works wonders. Dermatologists like Dr. Amy Weschler recommend safflower oil; ayurveda pracitioners like Pratima have been using oil for ages; and now even Kiehl’s sells Argan Oil.

Jiva Apoha Founder Angela Shore, skincare, beauty, facial oil
Fig Jiva Apoha Founder Angela Shore

This winter, I met Angela Shore, founder of Jiva Apoha, a new skin and body oil line. “Jiva-Apoha” is Sanskrit for Soul-Healing. Shore started out in hospitality and then repped fashion photographers. After studying Shamanism and Ayurveda, she launched her own line from her BK apartment in 2012, combining Ayurvedic foundations with Native American Shaman techniques. The oil is sourced from India and the US, and each bottle is blessed.

Recently I asked Angela a little more about her brand, her beauty routine, and her philosophy.

Closeup of the Jiva Apoha Studio, skincare, beauty, facial oil
Fig Closeup of the Jiva Apoha Studio

Louise McCready Hart: What inspired you to start Jiva Apoha?

Angela Shore: Finding my purpose in life from past experiences in personal pain and loss. I’ve learned over time that our bodies hold the temple of goodness. My urge to consciously make healthier choices eventually led into living a happier life and deepened my passions in helping others on a daily basis.

Jiva Apoha Large Bottle, skincare, beauty, facial oil
Fig Jiva Apoha Large Bottle

LMH: What is your best selling oil?

AS: I have three: Atman (Spirit), 1967, and Parutka (Joints). Coincidentally all three body oils are unisex. I’m now seeing more orders from our direct online sales from male clients; which makes me happy to see that more men are taking better care of their skin. Last but not least, the Sundara (Beauty) Face is right up there!

Jiva Apoha Pump Bottle, skincare, beauty, facial oil
Fig Jiva Apoha Pump Bottle

LMH: What are your next steps with the line?

AS: 2oz pump bottles will be ready May 1, followed by 8oz pump bottles. My line will be carried at CAP Beauty, a natural beauty store opening soon in New York. More body blends. Oil roll-ons. Night face oil.

Angela Shore, Jiva Apoha Founder, skincare, beauty, facial oil
Fig Angela Shore, Jiva Apoha Founder

LMH: Desert island question: what are your five skin/haircare products?

AS: 1. Black Chicken, a brand from Australia, carries crazy good body polish with Himalayan pink salt infused with sandalwood, geranium, patchouli, lavender, carrot, ylang ylang, nutmeg, avocado, rosehip, hazel, coconut and vit e oils. I use it from my neck to the bottom of my feet!

2.In Fiore’s Vitale, toning floral essence which is made from witch hazel, aloe vera, orange flower, chamomile, nettles, comfrey. The list goes on and on. I spray on face, neck and chest. It is delightful.

3. Pratima’s Nourishing Hair Oil with Ayurvedic herbs brahmi and amla, sweet almond oil, safflower oil, hibiscus, lavender and jasmine. It is great for dry hair and conditions parched treated hair. You only need a small amount.

4. Hurraw Balm Ayurvedic Balms for lips! I love their Vata and Pitta infusions. For warmer weather, I use Pitta which has amalaki fruit, coconut with lemongrass and peppermint. I’m addicted!

5. Jiva-Apoha’s Sundara Beauty for the face has ingredients to hydrate, replenish and balance the skin: all natural grapeseed, jojoba, vitamin E with 100% pure essential sandalwood, jasmine, lavender, roman chamomile, and rose oils. My ritual use is every morning and night.

Jiva Apoha Facial Oil, skincare, beauty, facial oil
Fig Jiva Apoha Facial Oil

LMH: Anything else you’d like to add?

AS: My living motto “Balance = Harmony & Health”.

Black and white profile by photographer Liz Von Hoene, color profile by Martin Sobey, and bottle imagery by photographer Kevin Necessary.