Kristie Streicher’s Aforé Oil

Tuesday / Feb 26 / 2013

Aforé Oil
Fig Aforé Oil

Thanks to overzealous tweezing as a teen, I thought fuller, more defined brows were impossible. But one of the best things I learned while working at Vogue was why so many editors have bold, natural-looking brows. The secret? Makeup artist and brow maestro, Kristie Streicher.

First featured in Vogue in 2008, Streicher is a bicoastal artist who follows the natural shape and arch of eyebrows and tints them with vegetable dye so they stand out. Now she’s bottled her blend of essential oils (lavender, tangerine, orange, and ylang ylang) and named it after the Middle English word for “before.”

Perfect for prepping the skin pre-tweezing to soften hair and make it less painful, the oil can also be used as a moisturizer for dry or sun burned skin on the face, body, or cuticles.

I accidentally overturned the bottle and rather than waste the spilled oil, I slathered it over my hands and face. The result? Glowing, dewy skin—just like the brow doctor ordered!