Liquides Boutique in Paris

Wednesday / Jan 01 / 2014

Liquides Bar, Paris, France
Fig Liquides Bar, Paris, France

Liquides is a new concept perfume-bar on rue de Normandie in the Marais, down the block from Isabel Marrant, Acne, Merci, and Bonton Filles du Calvaire. Founded by David Frossard, who created Différentes Latitudes, a label for independent perfumers in 2005, and Philippe Di Méo, the retail space is designed as a mecca for fragrance connoisseurs.

Liquides Boutique
Fig Liquides Boutique

The dark, sensual shop was designed by Di Méo, and in addition to featuring perfume houses like Byredo, Miller Harris, Arquiste, Parfums d’Empire, and Odin, the shop accommodates Di Méo’s Liquides Imaginaires fragrances, which were previously only available at L’Eclaireur. Visitors are invited to come in, enjoy the house tea or coffee on the banquette, and discuss the scents they like, know, and remember.

Liquides Bar
Fig Liquides Bar

When I was there recently, the lovely saleswoman walked me through a few options. I fell in love with Arquiste Flor y Canto.

The company was founded by a native of Mexico City who studied architecture there and in Paris before earning a degree in Historic Preservation at Columbia University in New York City. After working for Polo Ralph Lauren and on art installations, he studied fragrance development and collaborated with noses to recapture the olfactive notes of historical moments.

Arquiste Flor y Canto
Fig Arquiste Flor y Canto

Perfect for winter, Flor y Canto notes include Mexican Tuberose, Magnolia, Plumeria, and Marigold. The inspiration for the perfume comes from August 1400, Tenochtitlan, Mexico, when five Mexican flowers are offered on temple altars believed to be the intoxicating scent of Xochiquetzal, the goddess of beauty. The best part of the perfume? It comes with a to go travel spritzer.