Munnu at Gem Palace

Friday / Apr 18 / 2014

Munnu's Peacock Ring, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, Jaipur, Gem Palace, jewelry, India
Fig Munnu’s Peacock Ring

This month’s issue of Town & Country (May 2013) features an article of mine on the Kasiwal legacy because no visit to Gem Palace would be complete without seeing Siddhart Kasliwal. His father, Munnu, was an eighth generation jewelry-designing Kasliwal, and had been lauded by museums and scholars for designing bold, imaginative pieces that honor and employ the traditional Indian craftsmanship. Jewels from Munnu’s collection, from Viren Bhaget, and from the so-called Indian collections of leading French jewellers (including Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels, Chaumet, etc) will be on view at the Kremlin until August 2014.

Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies are set in this beautiful bird ring. When you flip the ring around, there are elephants on the reverse side. The ring is resizable and the bird can spin around.

Munnu's Emerald Necklace Design, Gem Palace, Jaipur, India, jewelry
Fig Munnu’s Emerald Necklace Design

Munnu’s work has been featured on the cover of Vogue (a double strand of pearls draped Nicole Kidman’s back on the May 2004 cover) and he was the first Indian jeweler to exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and at Somerset House in London. Always an innovator, he was the first Indian jeweler to actively try to appeal to a younger American audience.

Munnu's Gold Clutch, Jaipur, India, jewelry, gems
Fig Munnu’s Gold Clutch

After Munnu’s untimely death, Siddhart has been carrying on his tradition at Gem Palace–inviting guests to sit down, pass around, and try on his father’s most dramatic pieces.

Siddharth's Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring, Munnu, Gem Palace, Jaipur, India, gems, jewelry
Fig Siddharth’s Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring

Munnu’s lower end line is one of the best sellers at Barney’s, and Siddharth  plans to expand his own, more affordable, line. This is the ring Siddharth says he will give his future fiancé. The center is an old mine cut diamond (7.69 carats) set in platinum with hanging diamond beads (5.48 carats).

Munnu's Pearl, Emerald and Diamond Matching Belt and Necklace, Gem Palace, Jaipur, India, jewelry
Fig Munnu’s Pearl, Emerald and Diamond Matching Belt and Necklace

The diamond and emerald vest was made more as a challenge and a unique design. Despite its scale and size, it is a wearable piece of jewelry–as Sonya models. The diamond sun holds a 234-carat emerald and is strung on South Sea pearls.