Nichola Joss’s Beauty Tips

Friday / Jan 10 / 2014

Nichola Joss's Lifting Facial, facialist, massage, beauty, skincare
Fig Nichola Joss’s Lifting Facial

Beautiful and ageless, Nichola Joss travels the world making A-list beauties (Scarlett Johansson, Gisele Bundchen, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss, and Kate Winslet) look their best with plumper cheeks, higher brows, fewer deep worry lines, and tighter skin. Joss studied biology and physiology,  trained as an aesthetician, and apprenticed with a lymphatic drainage therapist in Malaysia.

Joss is based in London, but comes to New York regularly, and I recently had the opportunity to try her custom Active Reverse Facial.  Part-facial workout, part-lymphatic-drainage massage, her bespoke facial massage not only feeds and nourishes the skin, but also works on the muscle tissue, improving the health and vitality of the muscle and giving a plumper and more youthful appearance.

Nichola Joss's lymphatic drainage technique, facial massage, skincare, beauty
Fig Nichola Joss’s lymphatic drainage technique

Joss begins with a gentle cleansing, followed by a mask (or “warm-up” to the workout). Using facial oil, she drains the lymph glands, relaxing and loosening facial muscles. At a certain point, Joss puts on surgical gloves to work the facial muscles from the inside of the mouth. Though I winced in pain, Joss drained fluid that was accumulating in my cheeks and lengthened perpetually tight muscles.

I haven’t tried Botox yet, but Joss told me her workout is especially helpful for women with botox as it accelerates atrophy in muscles. Beyond that, any woman who undergoes surgery would benefit from facial massage as it improves tone and texture, plumpness, and overall appearance. Because the facial is tailored to each person, if there is need for any extracting, deep cleansing or peel, that is also built into the facial.

Nichola Joss's step by step guide to facial massage, skincare, beauty
Fig Nichola Joss’s step by step guide to facial massage

I can vouch that after the facial, my skin was radiant. My puffy face had slimmed down, I had cheek bones for once, and, dare I say, even my double chin improved? Because not every one can make it to London or New York to see her, Joss has a cartoon instruction manual outlining how to give a facial massage to oneself at home.

LFMH: What do you find the most common problem for women?

NJ: Dullness, sagging of skin, and lack of tone and radiance.

LFMH: What mistakes do you find most women make?

NJ: Picking and squeezing pimples and not cleansing correctly. If cleansers are applied and not removed properly they cause the skin to be imbalanced and create breakouts and congestion.

Nichola Joss's 5 reasons why you shouldn't fear facial oils, skincare, beauty, facial massage
Fig Nichola Joss’s 5 reasons why you shouldn’t fear facial oils

LFMH:  We discussed how women are increasingly turning away from plastic surgery to more natural alternatives. Can you speak to this trend? Have you noticed any other changes in the way women care about themselves and regard beauty and skincare?

NJ: I think woman are more aware of looking great for their age and not trying to look younger and fake looking. We are far more knowledgeable and able to look after our skin.  Today, technology has enabled us to use skincare that’s efficacious and we are more aware of maintenance and prevention.

LFMH: What are your favorite beauty or skincare beauty products?

NJ: I adore Sanctuary Spa Therapists’ secret oil and have been using it for years and cannot find another that comes close to delivering the results I get with it. I am also a huge fan of their detox mask and rose clay masks. Both are thermal and amazing to use giving immediate results. I also really like Skin Sceuticals.

LFMH: After the facial, how often will clients’ faces stay toned and taut, on average?

NJ: The average is around 10 days.