When OpenTable Doesn’t Cut It: Two New Restaurant Concierge Services

Saturday / Mar 02 / 2013

Need a reservation for four, tomorrow night, at the trendiest restaurant in the city? Good luck. We live in an age when securing prime time seats (between 6–9 P.M.) at top restaurants has never been harder. And for better or worse, deep pockets won’t help. The only thing that gets results is a connection, but you couldn’t buy one—until now. In the last six weeks two New York-based sites (with mobile apps) have launched membership-only dining concierge services that help secure reservations and even special perks at some of the most exclusive spots in the city and across the country. Below, a comparative analysis of Today’s Epicure and I Know the Chef. You need never accept a 10:30 reservation again.

Read the rest of the piece on Details.com or watch the video below for I Know the Chef.